• About S.H.E.

  • S.H.E. by Sherot™ Oracle Cards is a deck by women for women. It is really for all women who are looking for  guidance as they walk their path into owning their badassery. 

    The deck is designed so that each card’s words and pictures engage the  intuition of whoever’s using them to give them the interpretation of the card they need.  However, it is also an incredible experience and learning tool  to see how others interpret the same deck. 

    Towards those ends, some incredibly inspiring women  have given their intuitive interpretations of the cards.  Check out the videos below.

  • Check Yo Chakras B4 U Wreck Yo Chakras
    Check Yo Chakras B4 U Wreck Yo Chakras
  • Close the Loop
    Close the Loop
  • Cosmic Clarity
    Cosmic Clarity
  • Dance it Out
    Dance it Out
  • Ditch Your Inner Bitch
    Ditch Your Inner Bitch
  • Drop Your Ladyballs
    Drop Your Ladyballs
  • Eat the Cake
    Eat the Cake
  • Gallop Into Your Power
    Gallop Into Your Power
  • #halfassit
  • Just Be
    Just Be
  • Let Your Soul Shine
    Let Your Soul Shine
  • Mercy Merci
    Mercy Merci
  • Mind Shit to Mindshift
    Mind Shit to Mindshift
  • Nurture Yourself
    Nurture Yourself
  • Open Your Heart
    Open Your Heart
  • Own Your Badassery
    Own Your Badassery
  • Own Your Shit
    Own Your Shit
  • Play More
    Play More
  • Rebel or Rebel?
    Rebel or Rebel?
  • Rewrite Your Story
    Rewrite Your Story
  • Share Your Divine Gifts
    Share Your Divine Gifts
  • Shiny Object Syndrome
    Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Simplify
  • Speak Your Truth
    Speak Your Truth
  • Take A Quantum Leap
    Take A Quantum Leap
  • Through Darkness Comes Light
    Through Darkness Comes Light
  • Wake Up Your Warrior Princess
    Wake Up Your Warrior Princess
  • ADOPTED: Video Coming Soon
    ADOPTED: Video Coming Soon